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SAGER DENTAL EXPRESS in Manhattan, Kansas is a new and more efficient way to access the Priority Services from Sager Dental Associates, PA’s, full-service offerings, and get you back to your busy schedule, quickly. Simply choose from our list & call to schedule.

Teeth Cleaning & Periodontal Management

Rejuvenate and maintain your smile with SAGER DENTAL EXPRESS’ teeth cleaning and periodontal management. Ensure that your smile and breath are ready for that special date, interview, graduation, social event, holiday or special occasion with a last-minute appointment. Establish a regular routine of appointments to let the professionals keep your oral health smile in peak condition long term.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Don’t let the name fool you! Most people don’t have room for or access to maintain, a third set of molars. SAGER DENTAL EXPRESS can remove your Wisdom Teeth before they cause pain and suffering, or in an emergency when you suddenly realize that you have waited too long. Responsible24/7 postoperative case management and pain control assured.

Crowns, Bridges & Implants

Most people will require a crown repair to a tooth or a tooth replacement such as a bridge or implant in their lifetime. SAGER DENTAL EXPRESS provides “The Best Crowns & Bridges”®(ZIRCORE® Brand Zirconium Core), produced on-site in their own internationally acclaimed lab. This service provides a value added measure of premium personalization not found in most dental practices.

Teeth Whitening*

Take years of age off your smile. SAGER DETAL EXPRESS book your next teeth cleaning before that all-important business interview or special occasion. Better than over the counter or mall offerings, and provided at a fraction of the cost of a traditional dental office. Special attention to post operative comfort and long lasting results. Check for special offerings.

Last Minute Situations

Call today for an appointment! SAGER DENTAL EXPRESS will make every effort to find the time to begin your dental services, during regular business hours, the day you first call. If definitive treatment requires additional appointments you can be assured your condition will at least be stabilized in esthetics and function.


*Teeth Whitening is a contract service of on-site healthcare affiliate, Majestic Smile®